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 Video I: The Greatest Key to Influence and Intimacy 

1. Problems as Hidden Treasures: (Short Chrysalis Paradigm: The Sweetheart Message) 

2. The Highest Form of Accomplishment: Never Work – Always Play (vs. Push) 

3. Overcoming Overwhelm: Resist / Succumb / Choose 

4. The Power of Manifestation 

5. The Greatest Key to Influence and Intimacy 

Video II: Accelerating the Pace of Growth & the Blessings it Brings 

1. How to Accelerate the pace at which you grow and the blessings it brings. 

2. Exercise: Short Embrace the Brat 

3. How the 10% Rule works to eliminate defensiveness. 

Video III: The 4 Steps to Travel Your Soul 

1. The 6 Benefits of the 4 Steps: Create Your Own Peak Experiences etc. 

2. Heaven, Godhood and Other Interesting Places. 

3. Absolute Zero & Complete Stillness – The new technology 

4. Energy Demonstrations 

Video IV: Heart of the Human Spirit 

1. Heart of the Human Spirit: To know your purpose, the message of your soul is discovered and mirrored in the music, books, movies, art, heroes and all that you love the most. When you find a work or activities that express these messages, you have found your purpose and destiny.